Monday, March 21, 2011

Look Who We Have

Hi all, Mandi here. Brendan and Melissa are having trouble accessing blogger so I will be posting their updates until they can access it again. They are going to send me pics and posts and I will just copy and paste so these are their words.

Gotcha! We've waited with so much anticipation to meet this little girl. We've wondered endlessly what she looks like and what she is like. Of course we'll be discovering her personality little by little, but we are in awe that she is finally in our arms. Surreal. We picked up a few things about her today. She loves the outdoors. Or at least that's what the orphanage told us, but looking outside seemed to calm her down when she started to get upset. She is terrified of elevators. (It's unfortunate that we're on the 18th floor. Long ride.)

Barrett Family

barrett family 5

She's doing pretty well, considering the change that's just taken place. Lots of tears - she's obviously afraid. But we've also seen a few smiles, and we even got her to laugh a bit, too. Olivia was so sweet to her when they first met. She tried to give her hugs and would touch her face. (I think it was a little overwhelming for Cora, but it made this mama's heart very proud of her little girl!)

Barrett Family 2

Barrett family 4

Scream fest. Cora did not like her bath. One bit. So while I was in the bathroom "torturing" her, Brendan was in the hotel room, dealing with Olivia, who was upset about something. She wasn't too happy, either, about the screaming going on in the other room - and I think the two girls fed off of each other's sobbing. Brendan said that Olivia ran into the bathroom and screamed at the top of her lungs with all the commotion going on. I didn't see it, but I heard it. It took awhile to get them calmed down, but when we did, they were asleep within minutes of each other. Long day for all! I then fell asleep with Cora in my arms. So content. (Brendan woke me up to work on the blog. You can all thank him for that.)

Barrett family 3

Tomorrow is a busy day, and I'm going to try to take advantage of this sleepiness and get my first good night's sleep in China. Fingers crossed! Cannot wait to get more pictures tomorrow and share with you all!


  1. tears here! amazing! a family! LOVE IT! :-)

    i LOVE seeing brendan's HUGE smile with him holding his 2 girls! it says it all! the family pic is so special! you both are grinning from ear to ear! :-)


  2. I'm so excited for you!!! Thanks for posting pictures so quickly! You were in my prayers all morning.

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!! Congtrats! Love the pics:)

  4. Aaah! She is so beautiful! Olivia looks like she adores her - what an answer to prayer!! Thrilled for you guys!!

  5. Beautiful guys! Jen, Sophie and I, cant wait to meet your girls.