Tuesday, May 31, 2011

day at the beach

We went to a local "beach" (a lake with some sand) last week with some good friends. We decided to take advantage of what was supposed to be a hot day, although it wasn't quite as warm as predicted, and the water was icy cold! Brrr!!! But the girls had a great time (most of the time!) And we had to document this trip with it being Cora's first to the beach! She was curious about the water, but certainly did not love it. (Who can blame her? It was cold!) She wasn't wild about the sand between her toes, either. That's okay. She will learn!

Olivia had a great time with her buddy. (The girls are about 2 months apart and they adore each other. I love it!) As far as her feelings for the water, she had no fear of it, unlike last summer when she started whimpering at the sight of a kiddie pool. (She's growing up so fast!) She fell down a few times, and the cold must have been shocking at first, but I think she got used to it pretty quickly. I never could quite get over the shock, myself. Oh, the things you do for the ones you love!

I think it's funny to take pictures of my kids crying:

But I also love it when they do this:

Monday, May 9, 2011

the park

My good friend, Kelli, just sent me this picture from a trip we took to the park. I believe it was during our 2nd week home with Cora. I absolutely love the expression on her face!