Friday, March 22, 2013

eloise maelle

She's here!  (Well, she's been here for almost two weeks now.  I'm just bad at getting pictures loaded onto my computer.  That's what photographers are for, right?)  Born March 10, 8:36am, 7lb 4oz, 21inches.

Wanna see her?

lounging princess
Pretty cute, don't you think?

newborn - 3 girls
Olivia is in love.  She thinks we had this baby just for her.  Such a little mommy.  Cora... depends on the day.  She's adjusting.  She does like to hold Eloise, but she lets us know as soon as she's "all done with da baby."

Eloise - quilt
We're pretty smitten.  Such a beautiful blessing - we couldn't be more excited!!!