Saturday, July 19, 2014

Check out these sweet girls... instant buddies!  Tonight we got to meet up with friends for dinner.  It was the first time we've been able to get our families together, but it was actually a little reunion for Cora and the cutie in the middle with piggies... Oh, they wouldn't have known any better, but I did get a pretty big smile out of Cora when I told her the two girls lived together as babies.  (Yeah, I thought it was pretty neat, too)!

Just look at them now!  How GREAT is this!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

summer sun

3% battery left and she refused to look at me...  But I still love this.

And here's big sis...  (Middle sis fell asleep, so we let her be).

Pretty girls  :)

fair 2014

So I got this crazy idea to take the girls to the fair this year!  (My mother-in-law agreed to join us for the fun, too).  We went on a few rides, checked out some baby chicks and ducks, walked through the horse barn, and grabbed a funnel cake and cotton candy.  They loved it. I, unfortunately, was sick (boo).  Wish I would have had a little more spunk, but here are the girls enjoying themselves...

Little E was so gentle with the babies.  I didn't take her on any rides, but she sure enjoyed meeting the chicks and ducklings!  She even tried to give them kisses.  Here she is petting a chick's little head - pure delight!

first haircut

Little E's hair had been looking a little crazy, and it was time for a trim.  (And yes, the crazy hair did suit that crazy, little personality of hers, but it was kinda driving her mother nuts..  Her father - not so much.  He liked the mini mullet).

Moms overrule dads when it comes to hair, so off we went and tagged along during her big sisters' hair appointments.  Little Miss was a little unsure about it all when I sat her down in the chair, but we gave her a sucker, and she sat as quiet and as content as could be for the entire appointment!

Suckers are awesome.

And here she is after the cape was removed.  Looking pretty pleased with herself.  Guess she liked the new do.  (And I do, too.)