Monday, March 28, 2011

A Couple Days In Guangzhou

We are loving Guangzhou and spending time with friends. Sunday we had no plans, so went to Carrefour (just like Wal-Mart) and bought some groceries for the week. $20 bought us breakfast for our time in Guangzhou, snacks and lunch for that day. They have what I consider a Chinese-deli where you can get fried rice and noodles made to order. For just over $1, we fed our family of 4. Back to the hotel for naps, then to the island for shopping and dinner with our friends. We tried another blog-favorite restaurant, Lucy's. (No one really liked it, and we think it made a couple of us sick.) We enjoyed the experience more than the food, and have the pictures to show for it!




On Monday we had our swearing in ceremony for Cora. She is now officially ours in the US's eyes. I got the girls all dressed up for this very-special day, and we only got one picture. (and a very poorly-lit one, at that! The guards were not happy about us getting our picture taken in the buidling, but it was the only American flag we could find!) Our guide, Cordelia, took us to the markets (pearls, jewelry, animals and spices) and it was so big and so busy! We were grateful for a guided tour, as we would have never figured that place out on our own. We went back to our friends' hotel, where we relaxed and chatted for awhile. It is such a blessing to be here with them. And then, of course, we did a little more shopping.






For all you prayer warriors out there, please pray that soon Cora will allow Brendan to hold her, especially by the time we fly home on Friday. It is an extremely long flight, and I don't want to even think about what it will be like with an inconsolable child. And I really miss Olivia. We're longing to achieve a more even balance of attention in our family, and the sooner the better!


  1. You guys look soooo happy........enjoy

    What hotel are you staying in? WS? or Victory? What about your friends? Which one do you recommend for us when we travel?


  2. Melissa,
    You're doing a great job! I know that it gets more than a bit draining but you definately have it in you! Keep on holding that girl!! I'm proud of you!
    Susan Bowden