Monday, April 25, 2011

easter fun

We've been home 3 weeks now. 'Bout time for a post, right? (I will reward all your patience with lots of pictures!)

My mom came into town for the Easter weekend. We had fun shopping, gardening (well, it will be fun to watch everything grow now that the garden is cleaned up. HUGE thanks, MOM!) blowing bubbles and enjoying all those Easter activities!

On Saturday we took the girls to a community Easter egg hunt. I LOVE Easter!!! (And yes, all things commercial associated with Easter, too.) So I was terribly excited to attend my first egg hunt, as a mom. Neither girl knew what to do with the eggs, but they seemed pretty excited to carry their baskets. Grandma helped Olivia collect eggs for her basket. I helped Cora. I tried to help Cora pick up eggs. Grandma bent the rules and picked them up for Olivia. (That's what grandmas are for, right?) Grandma also said she spotted the golden egg, but didn't go after it because their was another man who was heading toward it. Brendan was upset that this supposed-Bears-fan didn't go all "Urlacher" on him. We wanted one of our kids to bring home that egg! ;)

(On a side note, Cora does this funny thing when she runs to you. She lowers her head, sticks her arms straight back and makes a goofy face. Here is her famous "move" in action.)

Pick up the egg, Cora.

Good job.

Grandma also came with gifts!

And then Easter Sunday... We went to church (late, as usual, and had to "watch" from the video-conference room. We think Olivia thought she was at the movies.) Then back home for lunch and gifts from Mommy and Dadddy.

By the way, did you notice those dresses? Again, courtesy of Grandma! All in all, a great holiday.