Wednesday, September 11, 2013

are you kidding me?


six months already???


which means she's halfway to celebrating her first birthday.  I can't even believe how fast these baby months have passed by.

She's figured out how to roll over and is SO proud of herself.  She's a tummy sleeper now; there's no stopping her - she loves to flip!  She can sit on her own for a brief moment or two.  She has rolls on her thighs and she finally made it to the 20th percentile for her weight (and for that we've come a long way!!!)  She's not even close to sleeping through the night (rotten, little thing...)  She's determined and oh can she scream!  But that smile of hers can still light up a room...  and all is forgiven.


Eloise... please stop growing up so quickly!!!  (but feel free to start sleeping through the night any time now...  tonight would be great.)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

so. soccer......

The girls had their first soccer game today.

Um, they didn't love it.

Me - "Olivia, did you have fun today?"
Olivia - "Well, I was running with the ball, but someone taked it away from me."
(I'm typing this word-for-word.)

Me - "Cora, how much fun did you have today?"
Cora - "Not fun."

Don't believe me?


She is not posing for the camera.  She is "playing."  And next to her in the goal is her sister.


Two happy campers for you.