Monday, December 17, 2012

we survived...

the first move!  (another to come, but we're really looking forward to that one)!  In the meantime, I've found my cables and my battery charger for the camera (it was out of juice), and then found this cutie picture of Olivia, which I just had to post.


Yeah, she has her "moments," but mostly we find her with a big ol' smile plastered across her face.  I love that about her.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

guess who!

one of our girls is a daredevil...
1/800   f2.2   iso1600

and one just likes to stick out her tongue...
1/800 f2.2   iso1600

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


working on back-lighting this week.  not easy, but here goes...

1/200   f5.6   iso400

1/200   f5.6   iso400

1/200   f5.6   iso400

1/200   f5.6   iso200

1/200   f5.6   iso200

1/200   f5,6   iso200

1/200   f5.6   iso200

Lesson learned, sunflare does not show over water.  (at least I can't get it to)  And since that was kinda' the point of today's practice round, you may see more of these kinds of shots soon, that is if my girls will still tolerate the camera in front of them.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

fill their stockings...

Meet the "Happily Ever After" Fiona Jumper.
I'm kinda crazy about this dress.

the colors...

the storybook-printed fabric...

the layers of trim...

the big ol' bow in the back...

and the fact that is has so. much. FABRIC!

I bet your little one will love it, too!  It's the perfect holiday dress, if I do say so myself.  Whimsical, yet not so traditional.  (Read:  wear all season long!)  But special-occasion, for sure!  I took pictures of it sleeveless, but it's pretty adorable layered over a long-sleeve tee or under a sweet, little cardigan, for those of us living up north!

And no, while I'm not currently accepting orders in the Sweet & Sour shop (due to our family moving and a baby on the way!) this dress is going up for auction, soon!  To benefit a very good cause!  Details to follow in the next week or two!

And just in case you thought my lil' model never smiled...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

and so it begins...

Any guesses as to what this might be?
1/250   F2.2   ISO3200

Whatever it is, it sure has captured this kid's attention.
1/160   F2.5   ISO1600

Oh I see.  Someone must have been getting ready for a little trip to Tar-jay...  (which is really where we were going)  Unfortunately, they don't take play money there.
1/160   F2.5   ISO1600

Just don't tell her that.

And yes, we now have a nice, "little" facial wound.  It may have hurt at the time, but she sure had fun getting it.  This is one kid who plays hard!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

pumpkin patch

We decided to take the girls to a pumpkin patch today (since they're so obsessed with pumpkins)!  And I needed to practice for class (of course) so I grabbed my camera, too.  And now I realize I have no great pictures of them with the pumpkins.  Go figure.

But they had fun.  We went on a hay ride, walked through a corn maze, played on playground equipment, ran through a mini-maze, picked out little pumpkins, and I enjoyed a nice hot cup of apple cider.  Yum!  (It was so cold today!)

1/500   F3.2   ISO400

Oh yeah, we ate popcorn, too.

1/640   F2.8   ISO100

1/250   F3.5   ISO200

1/250   F3.5   ISO200

1/400   F2.8   ISO100

1/250   F3.5   ISO100

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

day 2 week 1

We went out and played again, today.  I need to go practice with some new models, or my kids are seriously going to hate this camera.  (And yes, that's a "casting call" for any of you locals.  These girls are not going to be able to handle all the practice their momma needs!)

We took so many pictures today.  I haven't even gone through them all.  But here are a few.



1/250   F2.8   ISO100

1/250   F2.8   ISO100

1/250   F2.8   ISO100

1/250   F2.8   ISO100

Monday, September 24, 2012

So over the next 8 weeks, you'll probably see me posting a little more often than usual.  And that's because I'm going to be using my camera a little more frequently!  I was gifted with the incredible blessing of a photography class with Lisa and I really don't think I could be any more excited!  Her photography is gorgeous and I've admired it ever since I stumbled across her blog, oh, well over a year ago.  So, yes, "excited" is kinda' an understatement...

It's week 1 and I've already picked up great tips/tricks and basic info.  This photography thing does not come natural - it's hard for me to wrap my brain around how my camera works and I really have to study and review my materials, go practice, then come back and study and review more!  It's hard work!

So here are some of my favorite shots from my first practice round.  Each image has been edited some in photoshop, because I just can't help myself.  (It's fun to play.)

1/320   f2.8   iso100

1/400   f2.8   iso200

1/640   f2.8   iso200

1/400   f2.8   iso200

1/640   f2.8   iso200

1/400   f2.8   iso200

And because I failed miserably at the second half of my assignment, it looks like we're going to have to try another round tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

so there's this week in March...

when we meet our babies.  Every two years, as a matter of fact.  Olivia: March 14, 2009.  Cora: March 21, 2011.  And it looks like next year will be no exception.  Because Baby Barrette #3 is due...  March 18, 2013.


Friday, September 14, 2012

home sweet home project update - please meet...

li'l man


li'l dude

That's right!!!  You purchased dresses to help bring home boys.  Now doesn't that make you smile?

Let me introduce you to Jeremy, Tonya and Emma.

An amazing family with hearts wide, WIDE open for children needing moms and dads.  (Wanna see a little piece of that heart?  Go here.  Please!)  I actually knew Tonya from college,  (Well, I knew who she was, since we went to a small school, and everyone pretty much knew who everyone was.)  but then earlier this year she joined my local adoptive moms' support group, where over the past year I've had the privilege of becoming friends.  Up until meeting Tonya, I had been playing with the idea of selling dresses to raise money for adoptive families, and then after hearing more and more of her story, I realized I had a family I needed to get to work for!

If I can be totally honest here, financing an adoption for one child can be overwhelming, but two....?  YIKES!  And you all should know that Jeremy is a pastor and Tonya is a stay-at-home mom to 4-year-old Emma (and soon-to-be-home-sons "Li'l Man" and Li'l Dude")!!!   They've worked hard and they've saved, but....  as Tonya will tell you, "We don't make tons of money.  We're haven't won the lottery or received a gigantic inheritance.  We don't have a little money tree.  We're just a family who wanted more children.  A family who felt God calling us to care for the orphans.  A family who imperfectly and with lots of stumbling is trying to follow God's plan."   And she'll also tell you... "That the God we serve is our Provider.  That he's not short on money, and that he does unbelievable things when we step out in faith to follow his leading."  

And provide He did for this family who barely had the money to pay their agency's application fee three years ago. A family who so happens to be waiting for travel approval to arrive any day now, whose fees have almost all been covered!  Now that's exciting!!!

Of course the funding came from many places other than my sewing project (don't want to give anyone the wrong idea!)  But I am so thankful to the families who purchased dresses for their little ones or made donations this summer.  (I love sewing and being able to help out in this way, but this little project would have been a big o' failure had I not had any help!)  Your support will make a difference in the lives of these two little boys.  And it's not just financial, either.  These boys will know someday how important it was to many, MANY families to help bring them home!

Hope everyone's still hanging with me...  just another minute, at least.  Because I know another amazing family working hard to adopt their son. And do they have a story to tell!  I just might have to talk about them some day... (I know.  I know. I just don't let up.)  They're fund-raising here.  Go on.  You know you want a really cool t-shirt.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

feeling like fall

Goodness gracious...  They are cute!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Guess what?

My "birday" is coming.

Well actually, it was yesterday.  But I've been telling everyone for a looooong time about it, and I see no reason to stop anytime soon.  (I don't really understand what it's all about, anyway.)  Hmm.

But I know I'm now three!

So happy birthday to me!