Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Day in Guangzhou

Three of the four of us are now sick, so we started the day with a lazy morning. Brendan did get up to work out (dedication!), but I stayed in bed with the girls watching "Andre" for the 3rd or 4th time this week. (HBO is so odd here - they keep playing re-runs of 80s movies. But it's the best we have...) In the afternoon, we headed back to the island to finish up our shopping. (more squeaky shoes, please!) We finally found the store "A Gift from China." Mandi (my friend who's updating our blog) had recommended the shop to us, but their store sign had been taken down and we had a hard time finding it. I loved the shop - most of the items are hand-made and all the profits go to charity. I spoke with a volunteer who explained the work they were doing in obtaining medical care for the children still in the orphanage. They do incredible work.

The store had a play area, and both my girls had a great time. Cora found a pull toy, which she proudly pulled across the store. (And may I note that she "toddled" not "wobbled" - her walking has improved quite a bit since we first got her.) I was so excited to see her enjoying a little independence. (She's still not thrilled to leave my arms.) She did awesome!

The plan was to enjoy a nice dinner during our last night in Guangzhou, but we spent a little too much time in the stores (surprise) and needed to get back to the hotel to finish packing. So we had Papa Johns delivered. An appropriate celebration, don't you think?













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