Thursday, March 24, 2011

day 3 and day 4

Mandi here again! I just got an update from Melissa with tons of pictures. YEAH! Below is Melissa's post as well as the pictures. Enjoy!

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been struggling with uploading pictures and finding the time to get in blog updates. The transition for Cora has not been easy. She still only wants me, and even then I can't always settle her down. Today, though, we have an "easy" day - we don't leave for the airport until 5:00pm. I think it's good to have some down time with the girls - less stress for us all.


On day 3 our guide took us to a park called the Green Hill Park. I imagined a plot of land with trees and open play spaces for the kids to run, but this place was much larger than I could have imagined, you had to have a vehicle to drive through it. There were many different points of interest: a lifesize Chinese calendar (where you could take your picture with the animals - Olivia loved the bunnies) a pagoda, a fish feeding pond and a buddhist temple. The pagoda was 9 stories tall and we climbed all the way to the top, carrying babies and all. For lunch we went to a Japanese noodle restaurant, and it was so good! Cora ate like a horse there - she loved her noodles! We spent the rest of the day in the hotel room taking naps and then settling in for the night.





On day 4 we went to a museum. (But I don't know the name of it.) We learned about the different Chinese minority groups and how they live. The people are incredibly talented - I was especially impressed by the fabrics section. The brocades were incredible and I would have loved to have brought them home with me. After the museum we went out for a celebration lunch at a Chinese restaurant behind our hotel. It was sooo good - both girls enjoyed. We had baos with egg in the middle that tasted like caramel. It sounds terrible, but we all had seconds. For dinner, we had Italian food at a place called The Here. The food here has actually been really good - no complaints. (I thought I wasn't going to like it.) But there's nothing like good Italian and a diet coke.








  1. Hang in there girl! That happened to us at first too and made bedtime tough! I emailed my roommate desperate for her to tell me it was normal and she said it definitely is!It has really evened out since we got home, although he still wants me when he gets hurt or scared. Your family is adorable together!! So happy for you! heather

  2. ok, Miss O is such a "rockstar"! i was laughing so hard at the buddha dance, its pretty cute... OMword it is so funny! :-)

    thanks for sharing! :-)


  3. Such fun posts & pics. Can't wait to meet Cora.