Friday, December 27, 2013

the holidays

Eloise.  First tooth.  First Thanksgiving.  Just in time for turkey.

Later that weekend, we took advantage of free time and beautiful weather to go cut down our tree.  (Last time we went to get a tree, it was FREEZING! The girls were only two years old and they kept tripping in the ice, falling, crying...)  This was a much better day.

And then we got our first real snow fall.  Our backyard is all hill, which is perfect for sledding.  It was awfully cold, but that didn't stop them from dragging their dad out to give the "slopes" a try.  (I had to stay in with the baby, of course).

Here are my Christmas cuties, minus the sleeping baby that you do NOT wake!

They wanted to pose for you all.  (Seriously.  They think they are models.  I don't care.  They let me take their picture.  We're all happy.)

Funny thing about this dress.  I tied the bow off-center on it.  But I was wearing a dress that tied in the center, so that is where she moved her bow.  :)  Love her.

And here's that baby.  Sporting a little something handmade by her Auntie Alicia.

Aw, a little tear.  Someone must have gotten whacked in the head by her mother's swinging camera.  Whoops.

Um, yes.  I let her chew on a q-tip.  It was the only thing I could do to keep her still.

Cute, right?  (the sweater AND the baby)

And a little about Miss Eloise, because sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this crazy girl turned 9 months old.  Little thing likes to eat.  (finally making up for all that slow weight gain in the beginning) She's crawling.  She knows where we sweep up the crumbs on the kitchen floor.   This only makes her crawl faster.  She has joined us at the table for meals now, one leg up in her high chair, kicking - kinda independently from her body.  She shakes her head "no" but has no idea what it means.  She waved goodbye for the first time as her grandma, sisters and mommy stood by the front door sending her Auntie off.  She's sleeping better at night, most of the time.  She has a strong personality.  She knows what she wants.  She doesn't know why we don't give her exactly what she wants.  Like when she wants it.  Even still, I think she's a little charmer, and I'm pretty sure we're gonna keep her.  ;)