Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the pre-holidays

Halloween and Thanksgiving. Let's wrap this up.

This halloween, we took the girls to the local college (that both Brendan and I attended) for their annual Funfest. When I was a student, I used to run some of the games for the kids, so it was fun to take my own kids to the event this year. The girls loved dressing up. They were so excited about their costumes! SO excited! (And of course as soon as we got them in costume and loaded in the van, car seats buckled, someone had to go potty.)

We got a couple "before shots" of the girls. Here's Cora:

And since Brendan doesn't look at this blog, I can totally throw him under the bus. He got a couple really cute pictures of Olivia while someone was going potty, but they were so dark, they couldn't even be saved with editing software. So here she is in action.

They played games and "won" candy. Olivia liked the mini snickers. Picked them out each time.

And here we are!

Cora's First Thanksgiving

Her first meal:

I think she really did enjoy it. I still think it's funny to post pouty pictures of her. She was really excited about dessert.

Now wait.... Where's Olivia??? Yeah, good question. I barely saw her, she was so busy playing with her buddies. That girl loves her cousins. Anyway, by the time I remembered to pull my camera out at dinner, she was long-gone.

Since all the families were in town, we took advantage of this twice-a-year opportunity to get pictures of the cousins together.

Pretty successful, don't you think?

No wait, this one's better.

Oh well.

AND we all got to go swimming together at the local pool! My girls loved it! Olivia did cling to us pretty fearfully while Cora jumped into the water with reckless abandon. But they still had fun and can't wait to do it again.

All right! Two holidays in one post! (I've gotten a little behind on my blogging.) The Christmas post will just have to be extra special...

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  1. Love all the pics! Thanks for sharing! The fall family photo is darling. Sometimes I find I'm so busy taking pictures, I forget to make the effort to get the whole family in a picture. So fun to see your little family.