Wednesday, December 28, 2011

merry christmas 2011!

Well, we made it! A long weekend with the family, four dogs (five at one point), a broken water heater, lots of sugar, lack of sleep, lots of excitement!

Christmas morning with the girls (at my parents' house, also known as "another grandma" and grandpa)
DSC00666 copy

DSC00665 copy

DSC00676 copy

four of the five dogs (and my brother)
DSC00682 copy

home again, home again (opening presents with mommy & daddy)
DSC00689 copy

Cora was a "machine" opening gifts. Just three months ago, she lost interest after opening the first few presents for her birthday, so we let Olivia open the rest for her. I don't think she even paid attention to what was under the paper this round. She just unwrapped, tossed the gift aside and asked for more. See the determination in her eyes?
DSC00696 copy

DSC00710 copy

the aftermath: hanging in her new cozy clothes and playing with her new toys
DSC00717 copy

DSC00719 copy

DSC00716 copy

And, I know, it looks like the only thing we did to celebrate Christmas was to open presents. (I guess I was just too lazy to get the camera out at any other time! Oops!) The girls had a blast with their grandparents and aunts and uncle, and were sad to leave. It was fun seeing family, especially my brother and his wife who we hadn't seen in two years! And now we're just trying to get back into our normal routine (one with less sugar and lots of sleep!)


  1. Your girls are just beautiful!!! What a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  2. Hey! Thanks for all the info on the clothes. I got on ebay and they had that same matilda jane dress and they even had it in the 2 sizes that both my girls will be! I bought them both! Yipee! Before I go to china, I may have to place an order for some clothes for you. Your girls are so cute and I bet they have so much fun being so close in age and I'm sure there is never a dull moment for you!! If you ever come to birmingham, we can arrange a coffee group meeting for you to join in :) Have a happy new year!~Rushton

  3. Fun!!! I love how Cora was a present unwrapping machine!! Both of the girls look beautifu!