Saturday, April 7, 2012

the hunt

It's that time of year again! It's spring and the grass is green and the leaves on the trees are growing and the flowers are blooming. And it's EASTER! We went to 2 egg hunts this year. Last week we went to one at a local church. They did a really nice job and had games and activities for the kids, and the girls had so much fun! They have been begging to go back. And since it was cold and rainy and not at all spring-like last Saturday, today we took the girls to the hunt we went to last year at the local fairgrounds. And today it was sunny and beautiful and perfect outside, but my girls did not have fun.

Here's how our day started.
Me: "Hey Cora, do you want to see the Easter Bunny, today?"
Cora: "No. He get me."
Olivia: "I wanna dance wif da Easter Egg Bunny. That make me so happy."

So we headed out to the fairgrounds, waited in line, and as we passed through the gates, Olivia started to whimper. We had passed the Easter Egg Bunny. We promised we would see him later and rushed over to where the eggs were hidden for our girls' age group, the 3-5 year old. (Cora is only 2 1/2, but we wanted to all be together. We figured she was scrappy enough and could hold her own!)

The girls stood ready to go as we stood behind the barricades. (No parents allowed with the 3-5 year olds!) They understood what to do. "Keen uh da Easter eggs." (clean up the Easter eggs.) We were ready!

And then the Easter Bunny showed up. As soon as I heard Brendan say, "Uh oh, look who's here." I heard shrieking from my youngest as she ran for cover. The whistle then blew and there was a flurry of kids running as fast as they could toward the eggs, while my youngest was running as fast as she could away from them.

And my other daughter?


Bless this man who helped point out an egg to Olivia.

It would be the only one she would pick up.

And Cora? Yep - still screaming.

So we walked away with two girls and one egg. Success.

Fortunately for us, Culver's was there handing out tokens for free frozen custard. They took pity on Cora - no eggs in her basket - and gave her a handful of tokens. So I'd say we made out pretty well. And as you can see, so would she.

But poor Olivia never got to dance with the bunny. Maybe next year.

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  1. Poor Cora. The boys don't really like the Chick Fil A cow.