Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!





(This kid exudes joy, don't you think?)

It's been a busy day with barely enough time (or space on the card reader) for a photo shoot, but we've had a wonderful time together as a family. The girls woke up to Easter baskets and breakfast (nothing special - just cereal.) Next, we headed off to church, followed by lunch (which was a little more special) at Gramma's and Papa's house. The girls got to play with their cousins and enjoyed a laid-back egg hunt. (Full baskets today!) We headed home and everyone got a nap! Leftovers for dinner and then a lazy evening.

And those dresses? Grandma followed tradition and made them for the girls again this year! (Wish I would have gotten better pictures to show the detail...) For Olivia's dress, I found a dress that I loved, we could not find a pattern for it, so Grandma "made do" and quite frankly, she nailed it. Thank you, Mom! I hope you'll agree - suits them perfectly!

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