Monday, August 29, 2011

birthday girl

And she's now two!

Which means I now have two two-year olds...




Two cute two-year olds




We celebrated on Saturday with friends and family, a party complete with a cake (all her own) and presents (probably the first she's ever opened!) Correction - she did get a present or two once we first got home. ;) But she was pretty clueless about what to do with them, at that time, too!


And since today was her actual birthday, we needed to do something special, too. We planned a fun day with friends, the zoo and a birthday dinner at our local Chinese restaurant. (I forgot my camera in the car, so no pictures of the zoo.) We had a great time checking out the animals and taking advantage of half-price rides. The girls loved the carousel and the choo-choo train! (I like the log ride - it's like a lazy river. Although actually, it would have been lazier if I weren't trying to keep two two-year olds from jumping out of the boat.)



Dinner was yummy, but late since Daddy has to work late all this week. It was dark when we left and time for bed. The birthday girl didn't even get to open her presents. (I'm sure she won't mind in the morning.) I am a little afraid to give her anything new, though. Ever since opening presents on Saturday, she has since determined that all toys are her toys. Two-year olds... (Two of them.)


I think she enjoyed her first special day. (Well, the first time her special day was probably celebrated.) Although I'm sure she had no idea what all the celebrating was for.

Happy Birthday, little girl!


  1. Oh my word your girls are absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful pictures! Happy birthday to Cora! Larissa

  2. Happy Birthday Cora! Sorry we weren't there to celebrate your special day with you. They might be two but they are also too beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday Cora! Oh how I wish I could have been there. Oh Melissa, Two Two year olds, that's nothin...How about two 15yr olds, two 9 yr olds, a 7 yr old, and two 5 yr olds!

  4. Oh My!!! Just beautiful!!! Cora is adorable and looks so well adjusted!!! Beautiful pictures of your two TWO year olds!!!!

    LOVE their dresses! Where did you find them?

    Happy Birthday Cora!!