Friday, January 13, 2012

rainbow rice

So I filled my evening last night looking up activities to do with the girls. I started with pinterest, which linked up to several blogs that offered some really great ideas (which I will now be stealing!) Some people are incredibly creative - thank goodness for the internet! We have quite a few activities to try now, from blowing up balloons to blowing up soap. Today we colored rice, because we had all the supplies to do so. (I have a pretty long shopping list...)


The girls loved it. I only wish I had more rice. (Add it to the growing shopping list.)

They did not share very well. I guess it's an opportunity to provide life lessons, as well.


These are a few of the blogs that I thought were very good:,, Let me know if you have any other suggestions! We're ready for some fun!


  1. You should check out

    She's doing 31 days of indoor activities

  2. We did pasta last week (alcohol and food coloring?) I googled toddler busy bags and I was OFF!!! Ive got a long list too!!