Sunday, January 22, 2012

chinese new year 2012

Finally - a party! We celebrated Cora's first Chinese New Year in the good ol' USA last night with a couple family-friends. (Or maybe I should say that we celebrated our first Chinese New Year with our girl!) The local Chinese culture club hosts a dinner and talent show each year, with decorations and activities for the kids. The girls dressed up in the silks that they wore in China, which they loved to twirl and dance in! (And I just want to note that Cora's dress is now a little snug - yay!)

My little princess

And my little empress

Doing what we Barrettes do best...
That-a-girl! Go for dessert first!

Looks like kung fu, but she's actually dancing.

Olivia with her bestie.

And here is Cora with her friend, Vivi. Remember our travel buddies in China? (See second picture down.) So glad we live close enough to celebrate these special dates together!

We had a great time! It was fun to meet other families who had adopted as well as celebrate our youngest's culture. (And of course we always love getting to meet up with good friends, too!)

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


  1. I think getting dressed in silks (REMEMBERING the CNY) is huge at this point :) crafts and food come secondary!!

    The girl's look adorable as usual!!

  2. The girls dressed up in their silks is too cute! I love the pic of Cora with Vivi!!