Saturday, October 15, 2011

sewing for fall

I love to sew! I especially love to sew fun little sundresses for the girls. (I love summer!) So it has taken some time to gather up enough enthusiasm to switch gears and start sewing for fall, but then I found a new pattern (and some beautiful fall fabric that I adore) and my sewing for this season is off to a decent start!

Want to see what I made?







So it's a little hard to see what I made. (Trust me - it's still cute!) The girls were being unusually cooperative during our impromptu photo shoot, and I couldn't help but focus on those sweet faces. Cuties.

ps - I know these still look like sun dresses. I guess I can't help myself. I plan to layer with either a cardigan or long sleeve top to make it work for cooler weather.


  1. Oh my word your little girlies are just precious!!! I love these pictures of their darling little faces. Your sewing is amazing too!!! Wow! Thanks for sharing. What kind of camera are you using again? I bit the bullet and bought the Nikon D7000 body while we await the new full frame version of the Nikon D700. Hope all is well with you!

  2. Did you make the ruffle pants too? Your photography is awesome! What lens are you using? Could you recommend some sights to buy fabric? Some place for beginning patterns? I think I could learn to live sewing too!!

  3. Did you make Cora's flower (rosette?) too?

    Can you be my neighbor, please!?

  4. Great job. Love those dresses. I'll have to send you a picture of my quilt I'm working on...and we'll have to go fabric shopping when I'm in town. Have you seen this website? Love it!!

  5. People are talking to me. I should reply!

    We have a sony alpha 350. (But those nikons are NICE!) I used a 50mm prime lens. (I'm not a photography expert - I just know that lens can give you blurry backgrounds)

    Hawthorne Threads is one of my favorites! has great deals and will point you in the direction of great websites (and ones with sales!)

    (And yes, I would love to be your neighbor!)