Thursday, October 20, 2011

referral day!

One year ago, today, we saw Cora's face for the first time. Knowing a new list of children had been released the night before, I sat by the computer that morning waiting to see if we might get an email from our agency about a child. We didn't even know yet if we had been logged into China's system (but we were sure hoping we had!) Eventually, I saw an email from Brendan, and all he said was to call him. I found my cell phone to call and he said that our agency had been trying to contact us and asked if I would call them back. (I don't know why I didn't realize that they would try to call us! I would have known where my cell phone was, if that were the case!) Sure enough, they had locked in a file of a little girl for us. I was told that she was a little over a year old, she had a heart defect, and that she was cute. She asked if I wanted to review the file. ("Um, yes, please!!!") and so I waited again for that email to come. (and thankfully it came through shortly) I skimmed the summary about her on the report and went straight for the pictures. Oh goodness, yes she was cute!

And here she is today, holding that first picture we ever had of her (the one that we stared at for months!)
I like this picture better.


  1. Such a special picture! Isn't it amazing how quickly they change!

  2. Happy, Happy Referral Day!! I will never, ever forget the day we got the call for Mya! It was different, finding Ruby on a WC list - not that it's not still amazing, but oh! That call! That unexpected picture in my inbox!!

    Keep up the tradition of taking her picture on her referral day - so much sweeter to have them in person, isn't it?!