Friday, February 18, 2011

guess the gotcha!

I remembered to grab my phone at about 8:30 this morning. (I wanted to have it close-by, just in case the agency called with any new information!) As I checked my phone, I saw I had 2 new voice mails!!! My heart started to pound, assuming one of them had to be from the agency, since I don't get many voice mails. I was wrong - no TA yet!

I know someday we won't remember life without Cora. Right now, I cannot imagine life with her! I stare at the face of a baby, but we'll be bringing home a toddler! I wonder what she looks like, what is her personality like, what she can do, how she and Olivia will interact... (I wonder how long it will take to get out of the house in the morning!) We are so excited to meet this little person and find out who she really is!

And for now, I wonder when our "Gotcha Day" will be. I have an idea... What do you think? We know it will be a Monday, but which Monday will it be??? Hmmmm....

Now since blog posts without pictures are boring, here's a fun one of Olivia. (I wonder what other crazy ideas she will come up with once she has a buddy!)

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  1. Hanging on the towel rack...that's what Liam just did and pulled it out of the wall. :(