Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my imaginary friend

That's what Cora feels like, lately - my imaginary friend. Of course we talk about her, dream about her, plan for her, and SHOP for her, but sometimes it feels like we're just "making her up." Our attempt to get an update for her was unsuccessful (so no new pictures), and my hopes of bringing her home before Olivia's birthday seem foolish, now. We will probably travel later than that. (Why is it that I always hope for the best, but then also expect the best?) She seems so far away.

The great news is that TODAY, we received I-800 approval! (I LOVE getting mail from the Department of Homeland Security!) It's those documents that come and make the dream of bringing Cora home seem a little more like reality.

So now we wait for the NVC's "blessing," then it's back to China to wait for travel approval.

Another step closer!

Now onto talking about Olivia... Just shy of two years old, she finally realized how to climb out of her crib. (Last night was the first time we lowered the mattress. Hard to believe, huh?) We heard the thud and ran to the door. Sure enough, my child was NOT in her crib. As we fixed the bed, she played peek-a-boo. Showing off, because she was pretty proud of herself.

She's awesome.

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