Monday, February 13, 2012


These pictures just caught my eye, and I don't think I ever posted them, so here they are! I am amazed at how much my girls have changed in less than a year. These photos were taken before Cora's first haircut, so it had to have been sometime during her first few months home. Olivia had barely enough hair to pull back into piggies (but how excited was I that I finally had something to work with!) and Cora was sporting sideburns and a mullet.

aDSC08885 copy

I don't remember why Olivia was crying, but she sure has a pretty cute "sad face."

aDSC08884 copy

And this pretty much sums up our first few months, too. Olivia adored Cora. From day 1! Cora did not return that same admiration.

aDSC08879 copy

aDSC08889 copy

aDSC08887 copy

Weren't they SO little? Too fast! Too fast! Too fast! They're growing way too fast!


  1. They look like such sweet little babies! My littlest will turn 2 on Thursday and it is truly amazing how quickly they grow up!

  2. That looks like MY Guangxi girl :-) They were both the cutest babes!111111