Monday, December 13, 2010

Signing Off...

Friday we went in to our agency's office to sign our "Letter of Seeking Confirmation" for Cora. It was a beautiful document. I wish they would have sent an extra copy for us to keep! We also completed additional paperwork for immigration, and we hope to receive approval for it soon! (And by "soon" I mean sooner than the anticipated 1 month wait! In fact, I think that would make a very nice Christmas gift. Don't you?)

Of course we're anxious to move on to the next set of approvals, but receiving our LOA is a huge milestone, and I'm so grateful that we've reached this point in the process. Just a few more steps to go!

Brendan was thrilled that I brought the camera to document this.


  1. Brenden looks so happy!!!! Congrats on the LOA!!!

  2. How fantastic! Love the pics! Congratulations!

  3. i LOVE these pictures! :-)

    i LoVE your blog! :-)

    blessings friend,